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Fantasies flowing through my veins, Dreams capturing my nerves, Adrenaline rush for adventure, I'm proud to be a Restless Rambler. We are a group of 5 bikers sharing a similar passion and a common goal to explore the nature. At the same time we take utmost care and ardent initiatives to contribute in preserving the stable environment and beauty of nature in its purest form.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kutta Escapade

Restless Ramblers D.7 - Kutta
When you desperately want to piss and the car won't stop amidst a bumpy ride, When intestinal glands contract with hunger and Pizza aroma lures you but you can't buy it, When you wish to see the score of a critical exam and the mouse-click leads you to the message 'Page cannot be displayed'....That's how we felt when we had all the desires to explore but no bikes to fulfill it. When Restlessness occupy our mind, we go overbound to nurture it....Coz we are the Restless Ramblers.

Our journey was partly aided by 'Hertz-Rent a Car' in Koramangla, Bangalore (Contact: Anil - +91-997-230-3020) and partly by Midnight-Drive. Chilled beer, nowadays has become an essential commodity during our trips and sipping it through empty roads makes it worth having it (The one who drives avoids it strictly abiding by 'Rambler Rule Book'). We didn't take the Bangalore--> SriRangapatna--> Mandya--> Krishnarajsagar--> Mysore--> Yelawal--> Hunsur-->Nagarholle --> Kutta route. But I insist you take this route to make your trip convenient.

By the onset of sunrise, we landed in the unexplored terrain wherein we had an encounter with couple of tuskers. Foolish as it sounds, tempting it was to have an elephant trail as we followed it till we reached the territory of the wild. The next moment I could recall is panting for breath and running for life as we heard a roar (Wondering if it was a trumpet or a big wild cat). This barren route through the vicinity of the wild was a cherishable experience although what followed after that was a rather forgettable experience. If Narain Karthikeyan is called the fastest Indian on wheels, I take pride in having mastered the art of being slowest on wheels. Driving @ 7km/hr for almost 2 hrs on a rocky tar full of potholes, where balancing was more skillful than driving and handling clutch more critical than accelerator, resulted in paining eyes and aching backs. So I would suggest others to prefer the Nagarholle-->Kutta road mentioned above instead of the one we opted.

Once we reached Kutta, a small town with around 5k population, our rendezvous with Nitin (Nature Stay Homestay - +91-997-296-1546) accomplished the point 7 of 'Rambler's To-Do List' - White Water Rafting. We had the bite of adventure at the backwaters of Barapole facilitated by 'Ace Paddlers' through a joint venture with Govt. of Karnataka. We completed the 4-hr rigorous 'Exiting yet Safe' rafting with couple of breathtaking moments overpowered by quality guidance and sheer team effort. For more details on Rafting, visit www.acepaddlers.com or contact +91-984-560-0033/44/66/77/99. The major precaution is keep the eating stuff with you as your hunger enzymes won't spare you for a moment you are done with Rafting.
We had a filling meal at the homestay and the tiresome body made us the Resting Ramblers. The homestay is located in the heart of Kutta and is loaded with basic amenities. The surrounding boasts of a coffee estate and a farmyard. While the food was good, hospitality was the trademark of our stay. The next day we opted
for the Irpu falls which is around 5kms from Nature Homestay. I would insist to opt for Irpu in the afternoon as the period of the dusk is the most enchanting period. We started for Bangalore at 17:00 through Nagarholle forest. Leave early if you opt for this route as the main gate to forest closes before 18:00. Our journey was bestowed with a perfect climax as the rains poured down while we drove through the middle of the forest in the dark capturing the glimpse of bisons, wild boars, stags and deers.
The hault points, eating junctions, stay joints and other getaways can be provided on demand. Do write in to shah.raveesh@gmail.com for more details.