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Fantasies flowing through my veins, Dreams capturing my nerves, Adrenaline rush for adventure, I'm proud to be a Restless Rambler. We are a group of 5 bikers sharing a similar passion and a common goal to explore the nature. At the same time we take utmost care and ardent initiatives to contribute in preserving the stable environment and beauty of nature in its purest form.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Bewitching Nandi Hills

Restless Ramblers D.3-Bewitching Nandi Hills

Least planned, ...in search of bikes and other ramblers, Enjoyed the most with least expense, there's no adventure without agonies- We're the Restless Ramblers.

Nandi Hills was more of a pleasure and leisure trip rather then an adventure although we have our own terms to practise it amidst nowhere.

How to reach there?
About 5 Km before Devanahalli, you will come to a railway level crossing which is identifiable by a prominent hoarding of the Bangalore International Airport, located just across the level crossing, on the right. Driving further about 4 to 5 Kms ahead you will sight the Larsen and Toubro (L & T) Concrete Mixing Plant, identifiable by 3 prominent yellow painted towers. Also behind that you will see a prominent rock hill with a Jain Temple at the top and a Lodging building at a lower level.

You will pass the L & T Plant on your left followed by the rock hill, again on your left. About 300 Metres after the hill you will see a prominent turning to the left, leaving the highway. Take that and thereafter you are in the Nandi Hills viciniy-Help yourselves.

Rather than taking left at the 'T' junction we took a right and ended up at an isolated village sultanpet and crawling to the steep of the old route to reach Nandi Hills,we landed up at House of Dreams-The Silver Oak farm.
As we reached the gates of the farm through a narrow aisle leading towards hilltop, there were two ferocious stout alsesians greeting us straightaway. Soon we'd mutual fondness for each other and Mickey-Minnie truly made our trip memorable.

They took me to the top of the way, with isolated temples which brings up the haunted memories of Ramsay brothers, leading to Tipu's summer capital-Nandi hills. Me with these little guardians on either sides jogging to the top, waiting for each other to be in sync and clicking pictures of lifetime are the memories that won't fade easily. They were punished that night for leaving the premises of the farm. We dined with wine, occupied this jungle house with a picturesque view of landscape and next day visited Nandi Hills in real.

Although with sheer enthusiasm we drove to Nandi Hills, little did we realized that none of us carried our wallets with us. With ambitious HR's it was pretty smooth to convince the personals to waive off parking fares and entry charges. A step further we migrated from bright sunshine to a foggy land full of greenery. Green and White were the only colors visible. Then there's Tipu's drop from where Sultan Tipu used to get the guilty thrown to the bottom till he breaks. There's also a source of river Arkavathi and some temples which is a trademark of Karnataka tourism.

With lungs filled with fresh air and camera full of grandiosque pictures, we left for Bangalore at noon cherishing diabetic grapes at peanut prices. But our end doesn't seem to agree with Yashraj movies and we suffered a tragic sunburn. Although the tanned look was happening, shedding off the peel like a snake later on was embarassing.

Caution: Kindly be responsible enough to prevent any mess by leaving lays wrappers and plastic bottles at this bewitching place. Preserve its beauty.

---Rambler Ravish (Next is Pearl Valley)


rupali said...

U didnt go to nandi hills with the rambler team!!! did u???

Sujan Pathak said...

no he didn't...

Darshini Surti said...

u went to Nandi hills again?