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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Absorbing Anthargange!

Restless Ramblers D.8 - Absorbing Anthargange
Boys look up to us for inspiration, Girls figure out us as their destination, Men unite with us due tosheer inclination and Women are lured by the laws of fatal attraction. With a speckless reputation and a shimmering Halo, we are the Restlesss Ramblers.
Route (70-80Km):
BTM-->Silk Board-->Marathalli-->Tin Factory(Cable Bridge)--> Chennai-Tirupati highway-->Kolar Gold Firms-->Pallavi Theatre-->Anthargange
Anthargange was an unique yet a diverse trip that waited a long time to be keyed down on a blog. It was the very first time that Rambling experience consisted a blend of amateur adventurers including a pretty girl. Riding through the forecasted cloudy skies and pre-discussed routes, we blazed witnessing the picturesque landscapes and wierd signboards. The usual journey of around 2hrs was stretched on account of frequent halts accompanied by scenic photoshoots. In the due course, we performed a Tandav on the top of the rocky mountains (courtesy: red ants) and almost a hip-hop while descending.
The first glimpse of Anthargange gives you a pilgrim-feel with patch of boulevard, flights of stairs and bunch of monkeys. Although it is a temple-place with a sacred 'kund' which is said to wash away one's sins (I realized it why it was crowded). The actual rambling experience starts from the rear end of the temple premises. The initial path is a cake-walk with precisely constructed baby-steps and neatly maintained vegetative growth. Our ascend under the scorching sun soon turned out to be a meaningless venture with barren plateau populated with rocks of all sizes. It was more of a joyride and less of an adventure (We literally ate our words in the end). Our conquest almost met with a dull end on sighting an easier route to the top. But...
The need-based adventure soon scaled to an unexpected ecstasy while descending. While others preferred to rely on known path, I and Sumit opted for an unexplored bushy terrain. We surpassed the thorny arena, burnt fields and steep rocks to end up studying the foot prints of wild creatures. We stood standstill on a terrain juxtaposed with app. 30ft high rock separated by around 3.5 ft gap. The only way to the ground beneath was through that gap. Supporting all our cranial nerves and unmeasured adrenaline proportion in our body, we went ahead --- at a 90 degree structured pose with back resting on one side and legs pushing the opposite rock. A slightest reluctance would have invited dreaded repercussions. But we managed with some bruises and celebrated a moment of glory only to realize that we were in "No Man's Land". The only option we had was a 100mt free fall. Though of climbing back again was a real spine-chilling moment of the trip. Neither did we have water nor the cellphone coverage to reach out for SOS. As the dusk settled in, we were almost done by the fear of wild animals. Thankfully, it was written for a well-scripted climax and we returned back with dehydrated bodies and an experience to share with our grandchildren.
I wish we had that photographs as well...although few moments are better preserved by mind.

The Restless Ramblers experiences doesn't take a stand on the type and nature of places they had been to. For each of them, they had their own share of vivid experiences to cherish for lifetime.

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